Art, Writing, and Landscape Design

Table of Contents

1. Participatory Design Games and Curriculum
Since 1994 Paula has created design games now used throughout NYC to design public parks

2. Open Road
Paula is the founder of Open Road: Art, Skateboarding, and Food

3. WW3 Comics
Since 1984 Paula has edited and contributed comics to WW3

4. Rock and Mouse
Click the links above to read two of Paula's books for Children

5. Writing and Research for Youth. Feasibility Studies and Landscape Design Proposals, including Parks, Public Plazas, and Green Roofs developed with youth. Since 1993 Paula has led Feasibility Study teams, written articles and proposals and raised funds for the construction of public projects through Open Road.

6. Oasis Mapping 
Since 1999 Paula and Open Road have helped create this mapping site with youth.

7. Art and Illustrations
Art, photographs, comics, digital art, architectural drawings, and sculpture.